Welcome to the web page of the Dakota Cruisers, a car club primarily headquartered in Minot, North Dakota. We are a fun loving, safety and community committed car club that loves to get together with our old stories and cars every Wednesday night throughout the the entire year at Hardee's South except for the first Wednesday of every month we meet at the Vegas Hotel in Minot.


January 12 - noon lunch at Starving Rooster

January 13 - NDSRA Christmas Party, Sleep Inn, Minot, ND - RSVP to Dave Alberts at mde@srt.com or George Masters at gem@min.midco.net - blocks of room for Friday/Saturday for special rate of $89 under NDRSA until December 22 - call 702-837-3100 for reservation - cost is $25 per person

January 17 - Wednesday night cruise to Hardees South

January 19 - Noon lunch at Badlands

January 24 - Wednesday night supper at Olive Garden - 6:30 p.m. RSVP to Bill 240-5803

January 26 - Noon lunch at Grizzly's

January 31 - Wednesday night cruise to Hardees South

Check out the January calendar for more upcoming events.

2017 Scholarship Winners
Matthew Dusek, BSC
Remington Bigelow, NDSCS
Bailey Godejohn, BSC
Katrina Hanson, BSC
Tamara Reitenbaugh, Gilette Wyoming Community College
Special “Thanks” to Craig Eraas for administering the scholarship program.

FYI: Please email any upcoming events for 2018, thanks - Sherie Saltveit

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