Welcome to the web page of the Dakota Cruisers, a car club primarily headquartered in Minot, North Dakota. We are a fun loving, safety and community committed car club that loves to get together with our old stories and cars every Wednesday night throughout the the entire year at Hardee's South except for the first Wednesday of every month we meet at the Moose Lodge October through April and at the club house May through September in Minot.

2020 is the "The Year of the Children of Dakota Cruisers"

Dakota Cruisers 26th Season Finale Registration Form

2020 Slogan for the Club: THE YEAR OF THE CHILDREN!

July 8 - Dakota Cruisers Car Club of Minotís Wednesday night cruise on Broadway in honor of Downtown Minot. Those interested in taking part in the cruise can gather at 6 p.m. in the southwest corner of the Kmart parking lot. The cruise on Broadway will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please help spread the word because not everybody is on Facebook. Please share, send on Twitter and Instagram and beyond! Thanks in advance!! TBA

July 10 - noon luncheon at Bones

July 15 - Wednesday night cruise TBA

July 17 - noon luncheon at Sammy's Pizza

July 22 - Wednesday night cruise TBA

July 24 - noon luncheon at Badlands

July 29 - Wednesday night cruise TBA

July 21 - noon luncheon at Perkins

FYI: Please email any upcoming/cancelled events for 2020, thanks - Sherie Saltveit

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