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President's Message
March 2018

"SHIFT'N GEARS FOR 20 YEARS" (and then some?)

Well, the sun is out and it's getting a bit warmer and now things are starting to "jingle" in my head about the cars and the Spring Season of enjoyment. It was a busy February with free dinner, car shows Wild About Wheels and Jamestown. I was able to attend both and had fun at both!

The Wild About Wheels car show was deemed a success. There is some confusion about its name so that will be changing for the upcoming years. WAW is used and trademarked in NJ somewhere and they say that the name Wild About Wheels cannot be used here anymore. See what happens when we advertise on Social Media? All to come out OK next year.

We enjoyed a movie on the 24th of Feb and a great turn-out at Summerset Court theatre. Thanks to Bob & Susan Hale and the staff for having us use their beautiful facility. Sixteen members enjoyed a really neat movie. Next one will be the 3rd Saturday in March. Come join us.

We will be working diligently on the Season Finale. The Vegas (motel portion) is closed but the Finale and all activities related to it will take place there just as usual. Motel room situation will get worked out and the Board will make some decisions. All to be announced soon, so stay tuned.

Come to the monthly meeting at the Vegas Wednesday evening. Check out FACEBOOK at: Dakota Cruisers car club. Also, the web site still has great info: Dakota Cruiser web site

See you soon.


Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!


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