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President's Message
June 2018

"SHIFT'N GEARS FOR 20 YEARS" (and then some?)

Well, due to bad health conditions and other parts of the situation, there will be no Newsletter this month---June 2018.

So this summary and my comments will suffice and be considered the information you need to know at this time…June 4, 2018. Here we go!

First of all the Devils Run 2018 is now behind us and it was a great event and Stan and Sharon did another great job. Thanks!

Second thing you will need to know is that we have lost The Vegas and "Sevens" restaurant, thus meeting place and original Season Finale location will have to be changed. That's OK, though, we'll come up with the places for each and just maybe, both will be better!

Third thing is that this Wednesday, June 6th we will be meeting at The Clubhouse. It will be a burger burn and pot luck starting at 6 for 'showing up' and we will eat at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7. After the discussion at the Clubhouse, the Board will meet and make some decisions for the future of our great club. Please come and be ready to give us some input…

There are a lot of small-town shows coming to our area and also in the surrounding towns. I cannot really keep up with them, so the list of them, as we get them are posted on our Dakota Cruiser web site so check them all out and decide which fun events you can enjoy.

The rate for storing cars in The Clubhouse for 2018/2019, starting in October, 2018 will increase by $5.00 a month. Thus it will cost $330.00 for a 6 month stay. You must be a member of the Dakota Cruisers to store a car in the building.

Those are the most important things on my mind right now, so we will get this on the web site and please Help Spread The Word!!!


Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!


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