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President's Message
September 2019


As I write this, the Motor Magic Weekend and Season Finale are swiftly approaching. You won’t want to miss both, as they are going to be two of the best events of the summer! The planners are actively engaged for these and there are some neat NEW things coming to both. Stay tuned!

We are possibly going to plan a trip to Warud, MN on a bus trip sometime in October. One day trip. Marvin Windows’s owner, Bob Marvin collection there. We will need 25 attendees for the bus and a commitment of $50.00 each to go on the trip. Snacks and drinks will be on the bus. Cost of the bus is only $2,000 and any money taken in less than the $2,000 will be subsidized by the Cruisers. However, 25 paid will allow us to Press On! More info at the meeting on the 4th. I’m saying, if we have less than 25 pre-paid, we will cancel the trip.

Car of the Year program is in full swing. Nominations were taken at the August meeting. But, you can still nominate a car at the Sept meeting, but we will be voting at that meeting. If you nominate someone, please make sure they are agreeable to have their vehicle available for the winter car show, Motor Magic, and the Season Finale. Our 2020 LOGO will be designed after these cars are selected.

Lots going on for us in September, as I mentioned, but we still need all of you to help out somewhere during both weekends. At MM for instance, we need cars and help at the door for the show. This is our only fund raiser for the year. No bake sales, no garage sales etc.… Finale, we have a LOT going on, so after MM, at the clubhouse meeting, we will fine tune where you would like to help… I will need 6 large/shallow baking pans for Saturday night activity if you could let me use them that would be great!!!

All for now. See you soon. George


PS: Don't forget to call the hotline (852-5277) for the most current and accurate information.

Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!

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