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President's Message
October 2019


I hate to start out with weather related comments, but I just can’t resist. Back two weeks, Kevin and I went to PA for 8 days. During that 8 days, in Minot it snowed and dumped about 10 inches of snow. Thanks to neighbors and club members Ralph and Floyd, they kept my walk way, deck and driveway clean for Eileen to be able to get out. THANKS!!. Anyway, back in PA, 70 and 80 degree days for all 8! THEN, when we left PA, and they had their Nor’easter with buckets of rain for days…and wind! I planned that trip back in June or July, and it just happened to work out. Great time in PA. Saw Philadelphia touristy things, the Appalachian Trail, the Atlantic Ocean, and all of the family. WOW!!!

Anyway we had a good October with nice things happening. Highlight was the Presidents Fall cruise to Roger and Cheryl Neshem’ s on the 26th! What a hit with chili and all the trimmings for a lunch/snack. We hosted the Williston Basin Cruisers and they had about 14 members present. We all enjoyed Rogers’s stories about his racing ‘habit’ and MOPAR addiction from back In the 60’s and 70’s. The story of Talladega and the Daytona 500 were probably the most interesting. Thanks to Roger and Cheryl and Dennis Schow from the Basin Cruisers and the Homesteaders for making this run so enjoyable. About 65 folks were in attendance. Pictures are available on our Facebook page….Dakota Cruisers Car Club.

November meeting will be enjoyed at The Moose on November 6th, 7:30 meeting. We will hold the Club elections that evening. We will, by live auction, get rid of the 350 GM Crate Motor. Winning bid must be paid for that evening or the next day. Nominations will be taken that evening with elections held that evening too.

The Christmas Party will be held at The Moose Club at 6:00 with a social and 6:45 meal, December 7th.

Congratulations to Gary and Becky Volk and Judy and Rod Krause for having the honors of the 2020 “Cars of the Year”. The art work is now being designed and will be available shortly on Club items.

There will be no more 25th Anniversary items available, so whatever we have on hand will be all we get, so get them while they last at the next meeting! Regular club items such as hats, denim shirts, t-shirts with pockets, license plates, pins, and some more will still be available. Club jackets also will be available.

Anyway, all for now. Stay involved and let’s look forward to new officers, Board members, the Christmas Party and the New Year.


PS: Don't forget to call the hotline (852-5277) for the most current and accurate information.

Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!

Dakota Cruisers Meeting Minutes


PRESIDENT: George Masters . 240-6771 or
VICE PRESIDENT: Detrick Thomas . 240-7295 or
SECRETARY: Priscilla Jevne. 720-8058 or
TREASURER: Cara Olson . 721-1627 or
Kayla Streitz . 441-0540 or
Dennis Zieman . 833-2896 or
Brian Olson . 509-6987 or
Craig Eraas . 721-5500 or
Greg Olson . 721-5531 or
WEB SITE: Sherie Saltveit . 721-7501 or
PO Box 727, Minot ND 58702

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