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President's Message
January 2018

"SHIFT'N GEARS FOR 20 YEARS" (and then some?)

Happy New Year!!! It is going to be New and it is going to be HAPPY! First order of something to do will be the NDSRA Annual Meeting and Christmas Party at the Sleep Inn in Minot on the 13th of January. Board meeting at 10:30 and general meeting at 1 PM. Then after that meeting, we have chartered busses for a garage tour like none other! During the whole event, there will be a swap meet. Tables will be provided and you can bring and sell your items at no charge. Then after that the evening banquet and Chinese auction will take place. All under one roof. $25.00 per person if you will be attending the banquet. Please contact The North Central Director, Dave Alberts with any questions or if you want to help out. is his e-mail. We’ve waited 8 years to host this event.

January 20th, we have reserved the Summerset Court movie theatre for the movie GREASE. 1:30 show up for seating and the movie will start at 2:00. Come and bring a friend!!

Then on the 9th of Feb (move in) we will be enjoying the Wild About Wheels car show in Minot at the ND State Fair Center. We’ve been asked to furnish (I guess that's the correct word!) between 20 and 40 cars for the show. Detrick and I will be in charge of the event. We will be taking cars and vehicles that were not shown last year. We will be also starting a list for planning purposes. If you would like to have your vehicle considered for the show, please contact me at 240-6771. This show is open to anybody, not just Dakota Cruiser members.

Speaking of Detrick, let me welcome Detrick Thomas to the team of the Cruisers as the newly elected Vice President. Detrick hales from Texas originally but now claims Minot His home. He is stationed at Minot AFB and currently has about 22 years on active duty. Recent promotion selection to the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant deserves Great recognition and as the VP of the club he is dedicated to the cause of our club. I hope he brings more youth and enthusiasm! Welcome Detrick! Also let me welcome Brian Olson to the team on the Board. Brian was in charge of the clothing sales for the club and did a fantastic job introducing a zippered sweat shirt and other new items for sale at club meetings and activities. Welcome Brian! Some other changes are that: Wayne Schumier will be handling the raffle tickets. Joe Uhrmacher will be handling clothing sales. And Bill Klimpel is setting up all of the “social activities”, such as the Friday Lunch schedule and the "4TH WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH EVENING DINNERS". Thanks to all in advance!!

Well, remember to update internet member profiles and check out the internet for updates and a schedule and of course, this newsletter---IN COLOR!

Happy New Year,


Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!


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