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President's Message
November 2018

"SHIFT'N GEARS FOR 20 YEARS" (and then some?)

Well, Fall is here and I think the car show season is behind us. I, personally, liked all of the shows I attended this year. All of the indoor shows in the Spring that I attend, and all of the small town shows that are held are all really unique and different. To all of you that helped hold these shows, we all say "Thank You". As far as Motor Magic and the Season Finale, well they speak for themselves. Both of these events, even though they are two weeks apart, are spectacular and both are something I look forward to. The Board members that 'handled' these did a great job. Even the Wild About Wheels crew did great! Now it's on to new Officers and Board members. Some will remain with regards to the officers, but two new Board members will take over on the 1st of January, 2019! WOW!

The November meeting is usually one of the most interesting meetings of the year. Lots going on, elections, and just interesting things. We'll be talking about the Christmas party on the 8th of December and taking the $10.00 per person money for that activity. After December 1st, the price of that event is $15 per person, so get your money in if you are planning on attending.

We are working on the "On-Line" store for the clothing for the 25th Anniversary. You will be able (as I understand it) to go online to a site, pick out your articles of clothing by size, and put your purchase on a credit card, and you are done. We will have deadlines for ordering and, let's just say February 1st is the deadline, then they will silk screen the orders and get them to Soltis for pick up or we may just pick them up and have them ready. Then we may run another run in, say, April or May and you could do the same thing. It should be a really neat way to do things. We are very close to having this on-line store ready for us to go ahead with things. We are just waiting for the pricing structure.

Christmas Party at The MOOSE Club is being held on December 8th and the social will be at 6:00 with the evening starting at 6:45. Dinner will be served and then after that, the entertainment will start. All are welcome. members, guests and family members.

We're very close to picking the motel or hotel that will be hosting the Season Finale in '19. We went out to the "Visit Minot" organization to solicit hotels that could handle things such as the date, the rooms, the banquet, the parking etc., and it looks like only one can handle all of our requirements. This one may be announced at the November meeting.

Twenty Fifth Anniversary year should be really nice for all of us. I want to encourage your enjoyment of this hobby while you can. Drive your cars and enjoy all of the activities that we set up for the Club. One will be on the 18th of May, the President's Spring Cruise. We will be going out to Ray to see the fantastic collection of Mustangs and specialty Fords. That could kick off the 25th activity schedule.

August, the club will be going IN FORCE, up to Brandon to the Canadian Western Nationals—The SUPER RUN! Don't let a passport issue be an issue for or an excuse for not going to this event. It will be spectacular and you will see cars from all over Canada and the US that you have not seen before! Plan ahead. We will get a 'host hotel' in Brandon that we can stay at. We did it last time and it worked out great!!!

We have already decided that the Season Finale Car show portion of the weekend will be held downtown, but this year, there may be Thursday afternoon/evening registration, a roving car set of shows around


PS: Don't forget to call the hotline (852-5277) for the most current and accurate information.

Some web sites to check out: Dakota Cruisers - Motor Magic - Masters Auctions LLC
Bounce around them and have fun!!!

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