Dave Boen

These are the three hotrods I presently have. 62 Ford Sunliner, 58 Chevy Sedan Delivery and 48 Chevy Aero Sedan. I have been interested in cars, since I was 14 when I got my drivers license. I have'nt counted lately, but I've had right around 100. I enjoy the streetrod scene, going to car shows, cruises and swap meets. I heard a saying once--"Anyone can restore a car to it's original condition--it takes a real man to cut one up"! the modern conveniences of a/c, ps, pb, pw are sure nice, when you are out cruising around. I admire the guy who can do all the welding, body work and say he did it--I like to tinker around--but I have to leave the major work for the professional. DJ