Marlen Bratvold

1957 Chevy Belair
Station Wagon

1968 GTO

1968 GTO

1970 VW Rat Rod

Cars and motors have always interested me since I was able to drive (very early on the farm). When I was drafted into the US Army I made a promise to myself that if I made it home in one piece I would have a fast car. When I got out of the service I ordered a 1968 GTO. Then I fell in love and got married so the GTO was traded for a Chevy Vega wagon. Marriage when south so I purchased a Z28 Camero and fell in love again so the Z28 was traded for a Ford Maverick and that marriage went south. Fast cars and women did not seem to work well for me. Now I am unattached and have been doing my car thing the way I want.

The cars I have had and have are: Had a 1979 Corvette restored and sold, 1957 Chevy station wagon I purchased and made some modifications to and sold, and after 40 years I purchased another 1968 GTO that needed a little TLC and my most recent and probably my last purchase is a 1970 VW Beetle Rat Rod. Being a member of the Dakota Cruisers car club has kept me focused on restoring the most important part of my past. Along with my son Jason, I have totally enjoyed all the activities provided through Dakota Cruisers and all the great friends we have encountered. Marlen Bratvold