Hazel Faul

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

I enjoyed cars long before I could drive them, My Dad had liked nice cars and it was important for them to be clean when we went somewhere. My brothers had an impact on my interest too, as I used to go out and help them when they worked on them , if nothing else hold the light or get the tools. Racing was a big deal when I grew up and all the guys wanted their cars to be running at there best. I got to drive their cars so I guess it wasn.t more than right to help them out.

Well my first car was a 53 Studebaker Champion 2 dr hardtop, which was the last make I thought I.d ever own, but I thought this one didn.t look too bad for my first car and the price was right at $175.00. I really was proud after I got it and worked on it. My 2nd car was a 55 Ford convertible and I have had a lot of convertibles since, in fact 18 to be exact, I still have 5. I guess the movies in the sixties probably spiked my interest in convertibles and we had some in our area when I was young and one happened to be my future brother-in-law and I ended up with one just like he had the 55 Ford, even yellow and black. So the first chance for me to buy one I did. I still prefer them over others. I do like the new luxury cars too, but the Classics are more special to me.

I longed to be around people who enjoyed cars and one day I was reading the Minot Daily and there was a notice for anyone interested in cars to meet at King Food Host. So that is how I ended up joining the Dakota Cruisers and I try to make it to most meets even though it is a trip of 75 miles one way. I get to drive my cars a distance that way too. The only bad things are the bugs I encounter until I get there. I enjoy the club very much, being the car nut that I am.

I think I will always be interested in nice cars no matter how old I get. Seems some people get over it as though they grow out of it. I do a lot of work on my own cars and hope that I will be able to do so for some time to come. Right now my 69 convertible is in the body shop but I still have things to do once I get it home.

My husband doesn.t have the love I do for cars, but he puts up with me. He did redo that 55 Ford convertible for me, as I wanted the body all yellow instead of yellow and black and that, was the last one. I got rid of it too soon. Guess I can.t blame him, I knew what it all took to do it, as I helped.

Hazel Faul Harvey, ND.