Andy Froese

Hello everybody. Well for starts I'm originally for Michigan. Raised in a little town called Howard City. I'm 20 years old and I've always loved old cars since I don't know when. I had a girlfriend whose Uncle drove a restored 1958 Chevy Apache, and after seeing it I knew right then and there that that's what type I wanted. It took me a few years after that to get what I wanted. I'm now here in North Dakota, a thousand plus miles away from home and in good shape, with some help from new and kind friends. This whole situation got started while I was out at work in the missile complex when, in walked an "Old Guy" with a bunch of car magazines. Being a car lover, I asked him if he was a mechanic and he simply told me he just restores them. I knew right then I had to make friends with him because I'd regret it later if I didnít; by the way his name is George Masters. After a few months of knowing George, I was at a Garage Tour and that evening before we sat down to eat I joined the car club. I didn't quite have a vehicle yet but I knew I was going to get one soon. While we were eating, a gentlemen walked up to George and told him about a truck up in Westhope that his friend was looking to sell. He said it was a 1958 Chevy Apache. It just so happens that I was across the table and overheard this conversation. When the guy left the table I told George I had to have this guy's number so I that I could check this truck out. George did as I requested and I got a hold of the individual. As it turned out it was a 1959 3/4 ton Chevy Apache longbox, black and white. The guy and I set up a meeting at his farm to see the truck and George said he'd go with me. When we pulled into the drive I wasn't even out of the car and I could see it. I told George I didn't care how much this guy wanted, this truck was going to be mine. After looking over the truck I knew even more so that I had to have it. It took me about a month to come up with money but eventually I did and it was all mine as of March 2003. I hadn't even had it 24 hours and already I was having problems with it. The thing's battery died overnight when I got it home. So I went and picked on up and it worked. It wasn't too long after that something else was wrong and it turned out that it wouldn't even start. While I was having this problem George introduced me to Al Larson, the mechanic. So as it happened, I had Al work on it and he got it running in no time. For those of you who don't know Al, he's one heck of a wrench turned. The day I picked it up was great, until...yes you guessed it, more problems. I was heading back to base 4-5 hours later then something terrible went wrong. I wasn't even a half mile from base when I threw a rod right thru the oil pan. Thankfully George was kind enough to bring up his trailer to haul it onto base. He also brought along a friend to help. As it turned out the guy had an engine for sale. So we struck up a deal and I bought it from him for 50 bucks. What a deal huh? Joe Uhrmacher hauled it from Devils Lake to here for me and I really appreciated that because all I had was a car. When I saw it for the first time it was all greasy and dirty. I ended up taking it to Al's shop to have it dropped in my truck. It took awhile to get that done because of Al's busy schedule but I was patient, besides it gave me time to clean the motor and paint it. Finally after five or six months of having a 3/4 tone paper weight it's now running. I don't know how I kept my sanity with this truck because of all the problems and having only drove it 5 times in the past year but I succeeded. I'm glad to be a proud owner as like the rest of you.

I give special thanks to the individuals who helped me in my quest to owning a classic automobile. I don't know what I'd be doing with my time if it wasn't for all these fine people up here. Thanks again.

Andrew Froese, Minot AFB Missile Cop!

Truck Left Side

Truck Front