Rod & Judy Krause

FB Engine

79 Firebird

79 Firebird

84 Mustang

95 Harley Davidson

I guess one could say I got interested in cars when I was born and mom and dad brought me home in a brand new 58 Edsel Pacer! All my life I have loved speed and enjoyed anything I could race. Started with go-carts and bikes, then with age moved to motorcycles. I became involved in NHRA drag racing soon after started working in a body shop in Grand Forks, ND. Although I didn't work in the shop atmosphere for very long, still did body and paint work and assisted many "older friends" with some of their projects. Judy pretty much fit in to the racing world, and enjoyed helping me with various car projects also. I bought the 79 coupe at the dealer I worked for, and decided to keep it for the kids.... Judy's decision here! We got the car stolen one winters night in 94, and boy did they trash it, motor and all. After a few years and countless hours, we got it back to original shape, except for a "few minor" adjustments to the power plant. When the hood is open, people ask "What is it"? All we can say is a built Buick V-6 and smile. The 84 Ford was my mom's car that we took ownership in the summer of 05. At the time we got it, the speedo had 36k on it! However through the school year being parked at Magic City campus, know matter how careful he was, our son Jeremy managed to get a few dings on the doors. So this summer, it goes into the booth for a paint job. Future plans; Judy would like to own a 36 - 40 Ford or Chevy pick-up, and I am still undecided, but shooting for a 55 Nomad! Of course, drag racing is on the top of our list, hopefully doing the national circuit in Super Gas or Super Comp. till then... see ya cruis'in!

Rod and Judy Krause