Al & Joanne Larson

Power Wagon
My interest in cars began as a young child. I bought my first car at age 13 for $5 . a 1934 Chevy 3-window Coupe with a rumble seat. It constantly overheated when I drove it. I took it totally apart to fix it. Of course, I then had no idea how to put it back together, so I junked it. Then I bought a 1935 Chevy 3-window Coupe without rumble seat. I thought I was quite the wheeler-dealer, paying only $5 for this car also, but I later found out my Dad had paid the owner an extra $20 for me. For a number of years, I purchased many of the cars that sat in back-alleys in Minot. They ranged in price from $5 to $25. Some ran well, others..oh, well!

I had my first .50 Ford Tudor in high school, putting many miles on it dragging Main Street, as that was the common activity in Minot in the 50s. I later traded the Ford for a .51 Bullet-nose Studebaker with Charlie St Croix (Colin.s dad). I was a little upset at the message my .friends. wrote in the dust on the trunk .Constipated . can.t pass a thing..

I attended .Heavy Equipment Repair. school in the army, and also worked in the Motor Pool. Between this, and working for Caterpillar, and working for the City of Minot, I have been involved with vehicles my whole life.

I have owned well over a hundred vehicles in my lifetime . some stock, some street rods. Some of my favorite have been my .36 Ford pickup (red) with built-up .53 Mercury engine and chrome dual exhaust stacks up the back of the cab, .70 Plymouth Duster (red) 340 (the real thing . not a clone like you see many of today), .76 Silverado Chevy crew cab pickup (red), which was lifted and had big tires and wheels, and a .49 DeSoto (black) which was a solid, good running car.

Since retiring from the City in June, 2001, I have opened my own shop . Ultimate 4x4s, Inc. . and I am still playing with cars, either customers. or our own. You see Joanne and I at many car shows through the year with either our .51 Dodge Power Wagon or our .46 Canadian Pontiac.