Dennis Reiten

My first addiction to cars was when I was about 3 years old. For breakfast we would buy Kellogg's single packs. There was a little car in the variety pack and Mom said I wouldn't drive them, just line them up. A few years later I started taking toy cars apart but had a problem putting them back together-- A trait I still have to this day.

I got my license when I was 15 because my Dad drove 18-wheeler and was gone a lot and my Mom never had a license. I talked my Dad into buying a 1965 Dodge Dart 273 3 speed auto -- baby blue with black top and racing stripe. I drove this car my senior year. To anybody that saw me driving this car, I apologize. I remember Dad saying "damn 2 ply tires".

After graduation, Dad bought me a 1961 Chev, six cylinder, three on the tree. Dad might have just saved my life. This car got totalled out, but not due to any of my doing. My next car was a 64 Chev, but for some reason it started smoking real bad so I got rid of it.

My first car with real power was a 65 Chev Impala 327, 300 horse headers, 4 barrel, 4speed, factory tach. My girl friend (Gail) called it "Eric the Red". I had a lot of fun with this car. I could get rubber in fourth gear with my studded snow tires on. While I was driving my 65 Chev, my best friend (Darrell Olson) had a 68 Camara Z-28 silver grey with black stripes. Darrell had a problem with falling asleep while driving late at night. As a good friend, I did a lot of driving.

My love for a Camaro was set on the back burner because of the price of gas, insurance, wife, kids, house, and refreshments. Then about 4 years ago, I started noticing some of the classic cars in Minot. My love was set on the front burner. I bought my 68 Camaro about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I have enjoyed driving, tinkering, and making loud noises with my Camaro. I joined the Cruisers and am having a blast.