Curt Renfrow

All my life had a love for cars, but never dreamed that I would someday rebuild one from the ground up. So, far in my life I have owned 16 daily driver cars, 4 daily driver pickups, 1 classic car, 2 street rod cars and 2 street rod pickups. My first car was a .36 DeSoto, which set me back $100. It was a 6 "banger" with four on the floor. It had suicide rear doors, for easy access. If that car could have talked.... Oh, my!

Four of the daily drivers would have made nice street rods and classics, but in my younger years, I could not afford the luxury of a street rod. The .51 Merc would have been nice to have now, but back in the late Fifties, it kind of got some body damage, when it fell over on to it.s top. (I won.t go into details on that episode.)

Currently, we have a .55 Studebaker, Commander (which is for sale) and a .40 Chev Coupe, that we drive. We have a .41 Chev Coupe that I have done some major work on, but is far from ever seeing the road. I am working on a rebuild of our .46 Chev pickup. This truck has been around a long time, as Wally had his high school senior pictures taken by it. Marcie likes this one the most of all. She is always after me to get it done. It will be awhile though, as it seems the days are much shorter than they used to be! Or maybe, it.s because I have more other things to do.

The .40 Chev is a frame off restoration, with a .74 Nova sub-frame, PS, PB, tilt, 307 ci. SB Chev engine, with a TH350 trans., and a Chevelle rear end. Minor body changes were made, but it needed a lot of rear panel work, as they were rusted away, when we got it. It has been on the road since the spring of .89, so it has the chips and scratches of a driver.

The .55 Studebaker is all stock and is an off the frame rebuild, except it has a .56 Engine and has been converted to a 12 volt charging system. The upholstery is a very minor custom job, but every thing else is stock, oil leaks and all!!

The .46 Chev pickup has a .76 Firebird sub-frame (that I just installed), PS, PB, tilt, 400 cu SB Chev engine, with a TH350 trans., and a Chevelle rearend. Very little body modifications have been done (at this time), but who knows. The lower grille panel has been removed, so the front fenders have been modified to blend into this modification. The seats are from a VW Bug. I don.t like foreign cars, but the seats fit nice.

I am a lifetime and charter member of the Dakota Cruisers and a member of the NSRA and NDSRA. I am contemplating on becoming a lifetime member of the NDSRA, also.


Curt and Marcie Renfrow