Andy Thurston

My interest in cars started in high school when I bought a 1950 Chevy. This car got me started, both driving and fixing. My real fascination with an automobile was in college when I bought a customized black 54 Ford 2 Dr. I kept this car through college. When I graduated from college and started working my car became just a means of transportation until the mid 70s when I went to a farm auction and purchased a 50 Chevy like the one I had in high school. I started restoring this car and needed parts so I started looking for other cars. I found that a great number of good, older cars were being crushed. My interest changed to purchasing cars to keep them from being destroyed. Over the years I accumulated a number of vehicles. By the way I still have the 50 Chevy and it still has not been restored. My interest in cars and the number of cars I had purchased over the years led me to being a part in the founding of No Dak Klassics which is a company dedicated to the preservation of vintage automobiles. I have two favorite old cars that I like to drive. One is a 1959 Ford retractable hardtop, and the other is a 61 Olds Starfire Convertible. Probably my favorite car is a 1956 Ford Convertible which I have been restoring for the past 2 years