Jerry Tiemann

1967 Ford Cobra Replica

1972 Ford Mustang

When I was 14 I saw a movie, called "Gumball Rally", Peter Fonda was driving a 67 Ford Cobra. Ever since then I always dreamed of owning a car like that. Since I could never afford a real one, I decided I had to build my own. The kit came from Everett Morrison out of Tampa FL, it took me 3 1/2 years to complete...But I'll never really be done. I wish I could have a 427 in it, but only a 302 would fit, do to modifications for my comfort. I put a C-4 transmission in it, because of foot space, there's not much room down below.

The Mustang was originally owned by my wife's Grandfather. He bought it new in 1972 then through the years it eventually was handed down to my wife. It sat for 6 years until I was ready to restore it. Everything that could be bought new was put into the vehicle. This car will more than likely will be taking our 7 year old son to high school someday. It has a standard 302 and automatic transmission. Very good day to day car.