Jason Anderson

1968 Firebird

I have only owned my 68 Firebird for about 4 years now, but It has been in my family for about 17 years in total.

The car was originally at 350 car but now has a 400 XH B-body block and Pontiac 62 heads out of a GTO. Motor is pretty simple...mild cam, headers...for now. Iím not a fan of chrome so when I got the car we yanked the motor and did some clean up. Unfortunately it was completely molded over. I removed all the chrome in favor of billet parts from Butler performance and a billet serpentine system from CVF Racing. The motor has a tad over 9k on the build.

The bird was originally Verdejo green with blue interior. It is now electron blue pearl with black interior. The paint is over 17 years old and does have some minor issues, but looks great overall.

Wheels are Boyd Coddingtons, 17Ē in front and 18Ē out back.

I have been gradually upgrading the suspension to Hotchkis, but thatís still in work. My future plans are doing a 4-wheel disc swap, new trans and eventually a full Butler build on the motor.