For Sale or Wanted to Buy

For Sale: 5 cans of R-12 refrigerant, 14 oz. cans. Best Offer. Contact Randy at 833-0844 or 838-2638

Wanted to buy 1953 ND car license plate call Bernie 701-833-1113

Authentic working drive-in theater window speakers, complete the look of your classic car parked at the drive-in, cast aluminum, original vintage condition, not restored, no cracks/dents, age appropriate wear & tear, many styles available; pair with junction box is $155; single speaker $50 (pole not included). For online c/card orders & shipping anywhere, visit our website: For phone order using c/card, m/o or check, call: 802-688-5425, Bennington, VT.

Wanted: I am trying to find a particular car that I heard may be up in your area The car was my sonís in high school. The car was a 1975 Trans Am -- silver with a 70 to 73 front end on it. Auto, 400, black interior, I do not remember the rims but they were aftermarket. Have you seen this car ? Just trying to keep track of it in case he wants it back. Thanks in advance for any help. Rusty